Kriven Group


Gelation During EG Method

The Kriven Group at the International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics

The Kriven group gave talks and poster presentations on their ongoing work in the fields of phase transformations, geopolymers, and stress wave mitigation.



The Kriven Group Mentors Students for the Mug Drop at MS&T 2011

Students from the UIUC Keramos chapter were given advice on how to best fabricate a ceramic mug to survive a drop of varying height. All of the mugs fabricated performed well, but were disqualified for not being a monolithic structure.



MURI Annual Review

Annual Review of the Stress-Wave Mitigation MURI was held on the facilities of Courtyard Marriott Aberdeen, Maryland on September 27th 2011. The details of the meeting, agenda and schedule of talks are given here.




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